Amchara's Good 'OL Boy C.D.,

aka  My Best Boy

My first Bully and my best memories

March 11, 1991 - August 15, 2005
Bubba earns his
Companion Dog title
Bubba at 2 years old
Bubba's first day home
7 weeks old

Bubba with a Bully baby-
age 13 years
Bud resting on his laurels
"Come back later"
I'm sleeping!
Bubba, Bud, Bubbalicious, Hubbabubba, all one
and the same.  He was my first Bully and always
my best boy. He did everything I ever asked of
him, not because he had to, (God knows you
make a Bully do anything), but because he
wanted to please me. He was gentle with children
and puppies, and yet was very strong and
protective of me when the need arose. I always
felt safe and secure with Bud around.  I miss him
every day.
Mommy's little lap dog