Off to the shows...
BIS Ch Greystone Lil Bit O' Country
Ch Amchara Hell's on the Loose
Ch Amchara Crescent Leroy Brown
Winner's Dog 2003 National Specialty
Ch Amchara Good 'OL Boy CD, CGC
Ch Graystone Helen A Handbasket
Ch Graystone Lil Bit O' Country
Ch Amchara Lil E Putian
Ch Amchara Hell's Bells
Ch Amchara's Heaven Sent
Amchara's Whitewashed Wicca
CH Amchara's Morgan Le Fey
CH Haslemere Amchara's Snowbird
CH Haslemere Hurricane Hazel
""Roc" s 1st show in the U.S. at the
tender age of 6 months & 4 days
winning his first major under the
Honorable David Merriam
Shrinkabull King Scorpion